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What happens when you take a woman, fully immersed in the world of wine and hospitality from studying and working in New York City followed by Northern California, and introduce her to tea? Sheena Brady did just that.
She took her knowledge of terroir, and her trained palate and dove head first into the world of tea. After all, both tea and wine are heavily influenced by the changes in weather, the ground they’re grown in and the hours of sunshine they receive.
Sheena is fascinated by the way everything comes together to create different types of teas all from just one plant. Fate had her moving to Toronto to manage the city’s largest luxury hotel tea program, a library featuring over 75 premium teas sourced around the globe while working with the Tea Association of Canada which led her on an eight month journey to become a tea sommelier.
Shortly after,Tease Tea  was born as an outlet to offer tea lovers a unique and modern tea experience for every desire with proceeds supporting organizations dedicated to women's empowerment. Tease's blends are curated and created in small batches for customers around the globe as well as high profile clients including Four Seasons Hotels.
However, after a decade of managing restaurants and hotels internationally, what excites Sheena most about the world of tea is it being a respected gesture of hospitality around the world for centuries. The other similarity between wine, hospitality and tea that keeps Sheena going, is similar to pairing wine & food, Sheena will pair the perfect tea to compliment any and all of your desires. Just tell her what's on your mind.
Sheena is also a trusted On-Air "Tea Expert", regularly engaging and educating SiriusXM Radio, CTV, Global News & Rogers TV viewers/listeners.