Saturday Night Thoughts

Confession: last week I hit a wall. I battled an intense cold combined with paralyzing fatigue. My body shut down and forced me to just stop everything.

I didn't open my laptop for 48 hours straight or answer a single text/email. For me, that's a telling sign something is seriously wrong.

Being an entrepreneur or working as a high impact professional in your career is often over glamourized by the travel, cute IG posts, launches and on the go lifestyle. (Guilty🙋🏻 )

This photo represents 90% of what my work life actually looks like. It's endless challenges mixed with roller coaster successes and failures. It's working 10-15 hours a day on the work you love, totally uncertain of what will work and throwing darts at the board to see what sticks.

May might have been the hardest month in a long time. I had 3 work trips, started teaching for the first time, and had to put a tonne of extra hours into the business. I got sick and tried not to cough up a lung on anyone. I even told myself I'd commit to no alcohol for the entire month with the exception of my bother in laws wedding but check out that huge glass of cheap, crisp rosé I'm enjoying tonight. (Almost made it the full month!)

Work & business pushed my limits and relationship several times. With my business I lost an employee, prepared for another to go on maternity, spent hours interviewing, and hired one exceptional candidate who accepted the job though took another offer 48 hours before starting with us. On top of that my business is unexpectedly experiencing a low month of sales.

It's moments like this I don't feel sorry for myself though I can't help but wonder why I subscribed to this chosen path of the endless unexpected.

Then I self reflect and can't actually imagine my life in any other war or doing it differently - to the point if I had a "do over" I would do it all over again with zero hesitation. #saturdaynightthoughts