about sheena (biography)

Sheena Brady Tease Tea 

Sheena Brady, Founder of beauty & wellness tea company, Tease, is an award-winning Social Entrepreneur and Angel Investor with a passion for holistic wellness.

Sheena's personal story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing natural health and healing after a decade-long career deeply entrenched in the 'hustle' mentality and the high-octane world of coffee culture within the hospitality industry. This relentless pursuit left Sheena with not only a profound yearning for genuine well-being but also a portfolio of challenges encompassing anxiety, digestive woes, and insomnia.

In 2013, fueled by her personal journey towards holistic health, Sheena carved her niche as the Founder & Tea Sommelier of tease. More than just a tea brand, tease embodies Sheena's mission to infuse wellness and beauty essentials with the enriching goodness of functional tea and botanicals while inspiring people to live and lead their lives consciously through intentional daily self care rituals. Today, tease caters to a loyal customer base around the globe.

While tease grew from a modest side hustle into a growing, established brand, the ascent was not without challenges that Sheena, as a woman Founder at the helm, confronted firsthand. Encounters with adversity as a female founder became the catalyst for a new chapter in her journey.

Recognizing that diverse women founders navigate even more arduous paths, in 2019 Tease amplified its social impact initiatives to confront the glaring gender inequities embedded in the entrepreneurial landscape. Thus, the inception of Founders Fund was the dawning of a mission-driven era. Born from the experiences of founders, for founders, Sheena & Tease Tea have raised and contributed an astounding $200,000 to date towards funding programming that empower women-owned enterprises. This effort is underpinned by barrier-free grant funding and mentorship that has impacted over 500 women founders.

Sheena is a mother to Camellia, named after the species of plant and flower that produces tea as a symbolic reminder of all that Sheena is capable of and her unwavering commitment to inspire and support others to bloom into intentionally living and leading their best lives, on 'sip' at a time.